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up Parent Directory 03-May-2021 10:16 - directory Radio 26-Apr-2021 19:39 - directory Television 06-Apr-2021 18:20 - unknown Acceptance of Liability punch.pdf 11-Mar-2021 13:37 56k [IMG] Advert Rate Header.jpg 11-Mar-2021 13:37 56k [IMG] Allnet Logo2.jpg 15-Jan-2021 04:33 432k [IMG] Allnet-Media-Advert-Rate.jpg 04-Feb-2021 20:02 452k [IMG] Blue Print advert Rate.jpg 05-Jan-2021 08:27 400k [IMG] Blue-Print-Newspaper-Advert-Rate.jpg 09-Jan-2021 15:42 8k [IMG] Business Day Advert Rate.jpg 05-Jan-2021 08:28 396k [IMG] BusinessDay advert Rate.png 05-Jan-2021 08:28 164k [IMG] Castle Magazine Advert Rate.jpg 05-Jan-2021 08:28 248k [IMG] City People Magazine Advert rate Card.jpg 03-Apr-2021 08:11 2788k unknown City-People-Online-Advertising-Rate-Card(1).pdf 11-Mar-2021 13:38 504k [IMG] Complete Sports Advert Rate.jpg 05-Jan-2021 08:29 284k unknown Current TVC_Rate Card.pdf 03-Apr-2021 08:11 984k unknown DAAR RATE CARD NEW 2018 EDITION-6.pdf 03-Apr-2021 08:12 996k [IMG] Daily Times advert Rate.jpg 05-Jan-2021 08:29 416k unknown Daily Trust Advert Rate.pdf 04-Dec-2020 09:46 536k [IMG] Daily-Trust-Advert-Rate.jpg 05-Jan-2021 08:30 468k [IMG] Encomium Magazine Advert Rate.jpg 05-Jan-2021 08:31 204k unknown GOTEL COMMUNICATIONS ADVERT RATE CARD.pdf 03-Apr-2021 08:20 13976k unknown Guardian-Advertising-Rates-Print.pdf 05-Jan-2021 08:32 256k unknown LEADERSHIP Newspaper advert rate - Shortcut.lnk 04-Feb-2021 20:02 4k [IMG] LEADERSHIP Newspaper advert rate.jpg 05-Jan-2021 08:33 328k [IMG] LTV-RATE-CARD-New-1.jpg 04-Dec-2020 09:46 1180k [IMG] LTV-RATE-CARD-New-2-1.jpg 04-Dec-2020 09:47 1480k [IMG] LTV-RATE-CARD-New-2.jpg 04-Dec-2020 09:48 1180k unknown Leadership ADVERT RATE.pdf 26-Apr-2021 19:05 340k [IMG] MITV ADVERT RATE.jpg 04-Feb-2021 20:03 412k [IMG] Max_Rate-card-1.png 05-Jan-2021 08:36 2080k [IMG] NTA-ADVERT-RATE.jpg 05-Jan-2021 08:37 320k [IMG] Nation Advert rate.jpg 05-Jan-2021 08:37 436k unknown OLADELE FAJEMIROKUN FOUNDATION 889-compressed.pdf 03-Apr-2021 08:32 22732k [IMG] Observer newspaper advert rates.jpg 04-Feb-2021 20:04 976k [IMG] PM News Advert Rate.jpg 05-Jan-2021 08:37 220k [IMG] Premium Times Advert Rate.jpg 26-Apr-2021 19:06 2404k unknown Premium Times-Media-Kit-2020(1).pdf 26-Apr-2021 19:10 8184k [IMG] Punch Advert Rate Payable1.jpg 11-Mar-2021 13:38 172k [IMG] Punch Advert Rate Payable2.jpg 11-Mar-2021 13:38 156k [IMG] Punch Advert Rate.jpg 05-Jan-2021 08:37 508k [IMG] Punch Advert Rate2.jpg 11-Mar-2021 13:38 160k unknown SPLASH RATE CARD.pdf 03-Apr-2021 08:32 56k unknown Silverbird Rhythm Rate Card - effective 2016.pdf 03-Apr-2021 08:32 456k [IMG] TRIBUNE ADVERT RATE.jpg 05-Jan-2021 08:39 324k [IMG] TVC Advert Rate.jpg 04-Dec-2020 09:50 376k [IMG] TVC-RATE-CARD-300x300.jpg 04-Dec-2020 09:50 24k [IMG] The Guardian Newspaper Advert Rate.jpg 09-Jan-2021 15:51 4052k [IMG] The Sun News advert Rate.jpg 05-Jan-2021 08:38 316k [IMG] ThisDay Newspaper Advert Rate.jpg 05-Jan-2021 20:48 244k [IMG] Thisday-Advert-Rate.jpg 05-Jan-2021 08:38 332k [IMG] Tribune-Advert-Rate-750x430.jpg 04-Dec-2020 09:50 80k [IMG] VANGUARD.jpg 05-Jan-2021 20:51 3976k [IMG] VANGUARD2.jpg 04-Dec-2020 09:50 20k unknown observer-current-advert-rates-Black-White(1).pdf 04-Feb-2021 20:04 376k

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